Saturday, December 24, 2011

Changes, changes, changes

We have moved! Over the summer and fall we finished the tedious process of moving from British Columbia, Canada to Utah, USA.  SO glad all that stress is over! We are settling into our new home and enjoying the Christmas season together.

Here is a glimpse of the chaos:

What a nightmare! I will do a post showing our new digs after Christmas.
I am very excited for what I have planned for my blog! Here are two things that I will be working with. The first is a very special present from my beautiful mom: (am me and my beautiful sisters)
 Growing up I loved cooking with my mom. I rarely saw her use a recipe too!  Everything she made was so yummy! And she could make anything. (She even made my wedding cake!) She started cooking from this awesome cookbook, which I have now inherited.

This book has been well used... and I am so excited to wear it our some more!  I will be trying recipes from it and posting them with the recipes on my blog.

The next thing I am excited about is the early Christmas gift I got from my hubby. SO flippin' excited! I have already finished one project. Here you go:

Oh the things I will sew!  Stay tuned for lots of projects and recipes!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter: The Real Meaning, Jesus Christ

The real meaning of Easter is to remember the Son of God, who willingly gave His life so that we may all repent of our sins, be spotless before God and return to our Heavenly Father when our time on this Earth is spent. Happy Easter everyone, and rejoice in the knowledge that you are not alone, and that you are loved.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Overload - All at Once.

I have been up to a few things lately. I have finished my summer shopping for the girls (YEAH!).
My mom and I dehydrated onions and garlic. (It was on a REALLY good sale and was going bad. And it is very expensive to buy minced garlic and diced onion dried, even at Costco here.)
And tomorrow I am going to be sewing! I have quite a few things to do and I will show pictures! So stay tuned and I will have some fun new posts in the next day or so. Good night all!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Cousins Came To Visit!

My sister and her son Bennett Pumpkin and her Bonus Pumpkins BP1 and BP2 came to visit us from up north! They think it's warm! :) We went to the park and had cookies and played.
Then children started to dissolve. A 20 hour car ride and no sleep for my sister's kids and then colds for mine, will do that. So we parted ways. They girls and I walked home. We had fun!
Now my girls are down for their naps and it is time for me to get to the spring cleaning!

Cleaning Up and Taking Inventory!

It is that time again. Time to plan my meals for a month and do a humungo (like my new word? :) grocery shop. Unfortunately my cupboards are in disarray. I had to make a list for my food storage and for my groceries. Here is what I did.
I took all the stuff out of the cupboards. (It was a LOT!) And cleaned them out. This is what it looks like. (I hate my

And this is after I organized my spices and baking supplies and extra stuff.

Then I decided I wanted to do the other side too.


I am very happy with it. After I go shopping I will show you the rest of the cupboards. We don't have too many of them. (I will tell you why I hate them another time) I will show you food storage next! Oh, and I will post my monthly menu plan.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Why I am who I am!

There are several things that have defined my life and who I am and what I do. First there is my religion. I am a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Also nicknamed Mormons.
-picture of the Salt Lake Temple from
The values and beliefs I learn from my faith are where a lot of the elements come from that have shaped my life. Like love, charity, family, faith and provident living to name a few.

The next big thing in my life is my Hubby! We got married in 2004. My life took flight when I met him. He is my very wonderful, handsome other half!

Next came our fist bundle of joy came in 2005, little miss Sassy. When she came into our lives it became happier and brighter!

Then our second bundle of joy came in 2008, little miss Spunky. She came into our lives with her a roar! Our little family is complete!

My family and my faith are every thing to me! I heard somewhere that life is a classroom. I agree! I learn something new everyday and can't wait to share our adventures with everyone!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I want to thank Mandy for helping me make my blog look like I wanted it. She did an amazing job!! Mandy, you are my right hand Momma!:)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Embracing my Calling

It has been an up and down journey for me over the last 6 months. I have wanted many things and realized they were not for me. I have come to one firm conviction: I am proud to be a 'Homemaker'.
I wanted to work so I could earn that little bit of extra money so I could help out my husband.
Instead I am learning to cut expenses so I can save enough money to equal what I was earning working part time jobs.
I struggled with household duties. Trying to get the house clean and get the cooking done and cleaning up afterward and playing with the kids and taking the oldest too and from school.... Oh, my head hurts just thinking about it! I started to make myself charts. I started to build up my food storage. Then I found THIS website. I LOVE what she did with her homekeeping binder. What a genious! I am cheap, so I looked at her ideas and made my own sheets that worked for me. They aren't as pretty as hers, but hey, they work!

One of the main ways that I saved money was with the GROCERY SHOPPING. I used to do a two week menu pan and then do a two week shop. It wasn't working very well. Shopping week to week I spent nearly $900 on food. EEK! No thanks! Two weeks was about $600. Um, No thanks! So I planned 1 month worth of meals and then did a huge 1 month grocery shop. I then calculated how much I would spend each week on fresh veges and milk. I gave myself a $90 budget for the month. So far I still have $35 left of my budget and I just need lettuce. I have spent $465. Now that is drastic cut! Anyone can do it! Every month I will post my monthly plan to give others an idea of what it look like. I will also post links to other blogs an post recipes so you can see what I do and what has helped me. My new motto is to SAVE AS MUCH AS I WOULD EARN OUTSIDE OF THE HOME.