Monday, June 28, 2010


Time for me to go back to work. Since I was a teenager I have done childcare. Now I have two of my own children and want to try something new. I want to go get a job in the real world. I have no work experience outside of taking care of my family. I want to spread my wings! Just one problem. I have to write up a resume. I haven't had to do that since highschool. scary. My wonderful dad helped me do a rough draft of my resume and made me sound really experienced and good... wow. Problem: that was four months ago and I have no idea where I put those papers. I know that I have them, but I have idea where I put them. Ouch. Guess this week I am going to be a detective!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pruning and Reaping Rewards!

This morning the girls and myself are going over to my mom's house to help her prune the trees and do any work she needs in the garden. This summer we are canning as much as we can to build our food storage. Ok, so mom is building her food storage and I am starting mine. I am very excited. I have never felt much of a need to accumulate food storage until recently. I am not sure exactly when it hit me. I just feel like I need to do it NOW. Usually when I get the urge to do something, it means that it needs to be done right away and there is a reason. I live in an apartment, so there isn't much that i can do in the way of storage. We have NO STORAGE. And no cupboards except in our tiny, skinny galley kitchen. Can't you just feel the love? Someday, when we buy a house,it will be open concept. My kitchen is the witdth of a diningroom chair. Ok, I digress. I have cleared out several bottom cupboards. These will be used for jars and such. Top cupboards will be used for what we are going to use in two week incriments. Flour, sugar, rice... dry extras will be stored in large icecream buckets in the hallway closet. the only closet we have. One of these days i will take a pic of my closets and post them so everyone can see how I utilize space. The closets are full to the ceiling. And organized. haha. I am very proud of my skills. :) Well, time to pack up the kids.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day! So a Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband. Hunny, you are my heart. You are a wonderful Father to our girls. I love you very much!

What is on the itinerary? Breakfast in bed, Roast, roasted mini potatoes salad, frozen lemon cream pie and icecream for desert. yummy. I think I will have to exercise a bit more tomorrow... lol.

Wow, 5 years as parents about now. It has gone by so fast. I wonder how fast the next 5 years will go. I do know that I want to remember every moment. I cherish the times I see my husband reading to the girls, playing with them, cuddling with them. These are the 'early years' and they go by so fast. I didn't have this with my dad when I was little. It means so much to me to see my girls having a good relationship with their dad. What a blessed life we have!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Direction and Choices

I feel like I am standing at a crossroads. It is the time in my life where I am supposed to make decisions that will effect my present and future. I have my husband and my daughters. I have my faith. I know who I am. I love being a wife and mother! Now what? My girls are 4yrs 8months, and 20 months. I feel like it is time to decide what I am going to do with myself, besides being a mom and wife. I just don't know which direction which I am supposed to go in. I have things that I have to consider. Whatever work I might get either has to be done from home, or in the evenings so my husband will be here with the girls. I recently had knee surgery, and have to be careful how much strain I put on my knee. I also have problems with my stomach. Wish I knew the answer to that one... Life is pulling my in many different directions, and I am not sure which direction I should go to get to where I want to be. I wonder where life will take me?