Saturday, December 24, 2011

Changes, changes, changes

We have moved! Over the summer and fall we finished the tedious process of moving from British Columbia, Canada to Utah, USA.  SO glad all that stress is over! We are settling into our new home and enjoying the Christmas season together.

Here is a glimpse of the chaos:

What a nightmare! I will do a post showing our new digs after Christmas.
I am very excited for what I have planned for my blog! Here are two things that I will be working with. The first is a very special present from my beautiful mom: (am me and my beautiful sisters)
 Growing up I loved cooking with my mom. I rarely saw her use a recipe too!  Everything she made was so yummy! And she could make anything. (She even made my wedding cake!) She started cooking from this awesome cookbook, which I have now inherited.

This book has been well used... and I am so excited to wear it our some more!  I will be trying recipes from it and posting them with the recipes on my blog.

The next thing I am excited about is the early Christmas gift I got from my hubby. SO flippin' excited! I have already finished one project. Here you go:

Oh the things I will sew!  Stay tuned for lots of projects and recipes!

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